miercuri, 12 februarie 2014

Title 17

When the ice gets carried away,
Between blurred lines
There are people holding hands
The same people from the past century,
Living around and living forever,
In debt to themselves,
The same smile hidden behind the eyelashes of lovers
Hugging, still in the forbidden past.

Title 16

I've been meaning to dance for a while with you,
30 centuries, to me more accurate.
They say, one should be precise in communicating.
Feelings, my estranged one, are a peculiar thing,
Made of red flowery forms in stone and sand.
How precise can a craftsman possibly be,
With all those wonders around him?

Title 15

I was starting to vanish
Step by step.
Promiscuous laughter behind me,
Hands fallen and burried all in snow,
Skies rocking and rolling above and beyond the steps.
Outside the memory,
Letters have been fading away for a while now.
As far as I consider, there are beings.
As far as people know, there are words.
So far, I have been living fully prepared
For the snowflakes to vanish
On your face.

Title 14

You're not searching the right way, they said,
Not using the right voice, or checking the right wings,
Your letters are crunched above the sounds,
And the colors are fading in between.
Super Mario the Savior was born that day,
In a section of 1 and 0,
Above the heads of mothers and scientists,
Overall in pain.

Titlu 13

Mi-am promis mie insami ca nu o sa uit.
Nici gustul prajiturii, nici vanilia,
Nici mirosul pielii bunicii,
Nici nucul, sau poarta azurie,
Sau florile, sau soarele, sau amintirile,
Amintirea amintirilor si casa de sub masa din sufragerie.
Casa bunicii a ramas in urma.
Cutia cu scrisori a ramas in urma.
Muzica a ramas in minune.
De fiecare data, la fiecare intoarcere,
Ghemul e din ce in ce mai pufos
Si painea e din ce in ce mai aromata.

Titlu 12

De fiecare data,
Ochii mei se arunca larg in ochii celui din jurul meu
Intr-un fel de imbratisare.
De fiecare data
Ochii stiu cel mai bine,
Ce se intampla in jurul lor.
De fiecare data,
mainile mele simt aerul cu aceeasi putere
Cu care notele imbraca portativul in sunet.
Si atunci incep sa zbor.

Titlu 11

Povestile sunt peste tot.
In pasi si urme si nisipuri
Pasari, culori, raze,
Autografe calatoare si respiratii.
Povestile calatoresc si danseaza
In ochi si in gene
Inversunate sau line, de multe mirari,
Se intrepatrund in puzzle-uri.
Povestile se tes intre mine si acelasi,
Intre niveluri, pe note si culori,
Le cauta poetii si preotii,
Si cantaretii le canta, cu ochii
Inchisi, la clapele pianului verde.

Titlu 10

Inchipuirile de cand te stiu
Au devenit mai vii.
De atunci s-au imbracat in rochii de seara
Si s-au strans in statia de autobuz.
Vinerile, de cand te stiu, ma sperie.
E ciudat, caci minutele cu tine sunt imbratisate si aluneca lin pe firul de ata.
S-au strans multe perle si margele verzi si rosii in jurul meu.
Le-am pus pe toate la gatul inchipuirii celei mari.